Buy Data Bundle using Free Facebook

You can order data bundle using our (FFP) Facebook Free-mode Purchase method.

Do you want to purchase data from Paytev… but have no Data? now provides a convenient, fast, and reliable way to transact on the platform even when your data bundle subscription is exhausted.

You can now buy Data by sending a simple command to us on our official Facebook page, using the regular Facebook-free mode. You can do this even without any active data subscription on your device. Just use the normal Facebook free-mode.

To Buy Data,

  1. Log in to any Facebook account, go to our official Facebook page (
  2. Send us a direct message by clicking the \’Send Message\’ button.
  3. Now, just send \”FFP\” to us as a message, and you will be directed instantly. Just follow the prompt.

NOTE: Data bundle processed using this channel might sometimes take one to two minutes to deliver.

Am I qualified to use this service?

Yes… As long as you have an account with us, and you have sufficient fund in your account. If you don\’t already have an account, Sign Up Here


  • To buy Data with this method, you must already have enough funds in your wallet that can at least cover the cost of what you are trying to buy.
  • You are advised to adhere strictly to the format presented to you to avoid transaction failure.
  • Our direct online transactions are programmed to deliver within 2 seconds or less. While this Facebook Freemode Purchase might take about one (1) to two (2) minutes before delivering.
  • All transactions processed with this method would also be available on your dashboard. You can always go through your transaction history at any time.

Facebook Page

Facebook page name: Paytev

Facebook page direct link: 

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