How To Fund Your Wallet On Paytev

Do you want to fund your wallet on Paytev but don\’t know how to do that? Or you don\’t even know what funding your wallet is all about? I will guide you step by step and also explain how it works as you read along.

To perform any transactions using Paytev, you need to add funds to your wallet. Funding your wallet is simply depositing money to your Paytev account.

It\’s from the amount that you have deposited that everything you buy will be deducted.

So, let\’s get started.

As you already know, you need to sign up on before you can buy Data Bundle or perform any other transactions.

Let\’s assume you already have an account on Paytev, but if you don\’t have one yet, click here to sign up and come back to read this.

Ok, I think we are set?

To fund your wallet, kindly log in to your Paytev account and click on the \”Fund Wallet\” button on top of your dashboard. Check the screenshot below and scroll down to continue reading…


Basically, there are two methods to add funds to your wallet, which are ATM Funding and Automated Bank Transfer.

You can click on ATM Funding to use your Debit/Credit Card (ATM CARD). Or you pick the bank transfer option. To use the bank transfer option, a unique bank account will be generated and assigned to you.

Once you make the transfer to that bank account, it will reflect on your wallet\’s available balance automatically. Check the screenshot below for more understanding before scrolling down to get more details.


How to generate your unique bank account number

  1. Just click the \”Fund Wallet\” button
  2. Pick the \”Bank Transfer\” option
  3. Click the \”Generate Account\” button

Kindly note that you must have updated your profile with your Full name (first and last name) for this to work.

To update your names, just check your profile page and click the Edit button, add your names, and save.

Now, go back to the wallet funding page and generate your unique account number.

Once you have your account number, you can save it and send money to it at any time. You pick any of the two available banks.

How long will it take the money to reflect on my wallet?

On average, it takes less than (1) minute for the money to reflect on your dashboard.

What if I have a complaint?

You can always reach out to us using the live chat button located down on the right corner of your dashboard, you will always get an INSTANT resolution. Or send a direct message to our inbox on Facebook @



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