How To Make Money Daily On Paytev

In this post today, you will learn everything you need to know about How it works, and the possible ways to make huge money from the platform. You can earn up to N200,000 and FREE 50GB data bundle monthly on Paytev.

Firstly what is Paytev?

Paytev is a vending platform that offers affordable virtual products such as mobile data, airtime, electricity, Cable TV, and more. We also provide earning opportunities to our subscribers with extra cash of 50% referral commission + Free internet data and monthly rewards.
YES! We are really a Godsent opportunity to Nigerians. This is not a Ponzi scheme that requires you to pay a certain amount of money and get back double within a few hours.

Now, How To Make Money On Paytev

1. Re-selling Data Bundle
As someone who just got a cheaper data subscription on, you can choose to resell it to people, thereby making more profit for yourself.
For example, you got 1GB MTN data for N200/GB, you can just decide to resell the data at a somehow higher price and get your profit. You can decide to sell yours out to people at the rate of N300/GB. Then you keep your profit to yourself.
You can log in and check your dashboard to see how cheap we sell our data and airtime bundles.

2. Bill Payment & Cable Subscription
All Paytev users are allowed to make their bill and cable payments. This includes DSTV subscription, GOTV subscription and even paying of NEPA bill. With this, you can just help customers pay their bills, and charge them for a fee.

3. Affiliate
Here, We are offering you a smart earning opportunity. Affiliate/Referrals at is one of the best things you could do on our platform. You will not even have to do anything other than the person using your Paytev referral link during their sign-up on the platform.
You refer people to the platform and earn handsomely. With this, you could be earning as high and as low as N200,000 monthly, plus a FREE data bundle.
For each referral you bring to the platform, (and the person upgrades his account) Paytev pays you N750.
Imagine making at least 20 referrals every week – That is ₦15,000 just for someone using your referral link.
Too good right?

Register and upgrade your account on Paytev today! Making money online will no longer be your problem.

Some Other Benefits You Stand To Get

  1. You will have access to buy an MTN data bundle at a whooping discount of 5% on all transactions.
  2. You earn a 50% Affiliate referral bonus for each referral you bring into the system.
  3. Get rewards and earn from our frequent loyalty programs and giveaways.
  4. Anybody you also refer to join the system will also earn FREE 1GB MTN data instantly.
  5. You earn a huge discount on airtime & data purchases on the platform.
  6. Convenience fee exemptions on bill/services payments.
  7. You get a FREE custom promotional banner that will attract buyers to you.
  8. Technical support assistance to help you through any difficulty.
  9. You will also get access to a free eBook that reveals secrets to get customers and sell like crazy.

How to join

  • It\’s very simple. Just register on by creating an account
  • Log in to your account
  • Fund your wallet with N1500 and upgrade your account to an Agent account, so you can have access to all these benefits
  • Once you upgrade your account to an agent account, then you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register, upgrade, and get started on Paytev? 
Registration is free, while the upgrade will cost you ₦1500. After registration, fund your wallet with ₦1500 (the upgrade fee), you will see the upgrade button, click the button, and upgrade your account to become an Agent.

What\’s the difference between a normal user and an Agent? 
Aside from the amazing benefits listed above, there\’s no other serious difference. All these benefits are actually meant for Agents. Basically, what a normal user does is just to buy our products for personal use, or to resell out for profit. While an Agent buys all our products at a subsidized rate. Normal users cannot use the withdrawal button. The withdrawal button is only meant for the Agent users.

Can a normal user refer and earn on Paytev? 

YES! All three means of earning on Paytev is actually for everybody. Either an agent or a regular user. Just that all accumulated earnings of a normal user are to be used on the platform. As a normal user, you can\’t use the withdrawal button. But you can use your accumulated fund to buy airtime, data bundle, pay cable TV, send bulk SMS, or pay electricity bills. To withdraw your funds to your local bank account, you will need to upgrade to an Agent.

How long will it take to get the value after purchase/request or subscription?
We deliver value instantly. As all our products are programmed to deliver with 3 seconds

How do I withdraw my accumulated commission?
You can withdraw your earnings using two simple methods. (I) Redeem your bonus: this method is instant, and users can use it. With this, you can convert your bonus from the bonus section to your available balance. You can then use the fund for whatever you like. (II) Direct bank withdrawal: As an agent, you can just withdraw all your funds directly to your local bank account without stress.

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal?
Remember we have two modes of withdrawal. If you wish to redeem your bonus, then you are free. There\’s no minimum withdrawal. You can even withdraw ₦50. But for direct bank transfer, your minimum withdrawal is ₦1,000

How long will it take to get credited to a bank account after withdrawal? 
The payout process is placed on a quick cashout mode. You receive your money within 15 to 30 minutes.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?
Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request any number you wish and it will be credited within a few minutes.

Can I contact you if there is an issue or inquiry? 
Sure! Our Live chat system is available for you. We have a dedicated friendly customer support team waiting to receive you. You can also send a direct message to our inbox on our official Facebook page ( and get an instant reply. Our Whatsapp too is always open.

Why Paytev?

In this 21st century of the digital age, everyone needs mobile data to access the internet. As we have millions of people who use the internet daily, spend time on social media, and use productive apps and websites, the same way we have millions of users who consume a lot of internet data daily.

It has gotten to the point that most people can’t do without internet data and airtime anymore. While some use internet data to work and make a living, many people need internet data to browse social media, watch videos, comedy skits, have fun, and while away time. Of a truth, data is life, and everybody needs it every day.

\”Paytev Business is On“, and, no doubt, it’s only for the “action takers

Take this amazing step today by joining Paytev, saying goodbye to urgent 2k

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