How to upgrade your Paytev Account and the benefits

Upgrading your account gives you more privilege compared to a normal user, and I am going to guide you on how to upgrade your account to agent/reseller plan.

Before we proceed, kindly click here to learn the benefits of upgrading your account.

To upgrade your account, kindly fund your wallet with amount higher than #1500 because upgrading your account attract a one time upgrading fee on #1500. To learn how to fund your wallet, click here.

In order to upgrade your account, login to your dashboard and click on the red upgrade button. Check this screenshot below and scroll down for more understanding…



After that, select agent and click on activate reseller button. Your account will be upgraded successfully. Check the screenshot below and scroll down.


Once you upgrade, chat with us using the live chat button on your dashboard and request for your welcome bonus.

Please note that the button and prices in the dashboard will still remain the same after upgrade, but the system will recognize you and charge you at reseller rate.

You can confirm this by checking your transaction history at the end of each purchase to see the amount deducted.


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