How To Withdraw Your Earnings On Paytev

From simply making money to simply withdrawing your own money from one of the top data selling companies in Nigeria, Paytev is not like other platforms whereby withdrawing money is even tougher than making the money.
To withdraw your money is very simple.
Please, note that we have two withdrawal methods.

  1. You can choose to redeem your bonus, and use it on the website, or
  2. You choose to withdraw directly to your local bank account.

How to redeem your money for use

    1. Log in to your dashboard, and scroll down.
    2. Right below the BONUS button, you will see \”Redeem Point\”, just click the Redeem Point button.
    3. Then click \”Okay\”
    4. And all your bonuses will automatically be transferred to your available balance.

Once your money has been moved to the \’Available Balance\’ section, you can now use your money immediately for whatever you like. You can use it to buy anything on the platform.

How to withdraw directly to your bank 

  1. Log in to your dashboard, and scroll down a little.
  2. You will see the \”WITHDRAW BONUS\” button.
  3. Click the button, fill out and submit the withdrawal form that comes up.
  4. Then get a nice chair, sit down and relax. Your money would be processed, and it will land in your local bank account within 15 to 30 minutes.

Yes. It\’s as simple as that!

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