Invest In The Nigeria Telecom Sector

With the current population of the country (213 Million plus well-connected people), it\’s no doubt that the telecom company is really a smart place to invest in. The Nigeria telecom sector is still a virgin and waiting for visionary investors to exploit.
Telecommunications investment has been identified as one with a strong potential to spur economic growth and create employment. Investments in telecommunications infrastructure could not only provide a short-term boost to the economy but also lay the groundwork for long-term improved growth and employment perspectives.


Here, right now, you have iConnect, a telecom company into mobile top-up and a financial service Company, into bill payments and in-kind services. is owned and operated by OOYES SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES. A company registered with the corporate affair commission (with RC 3231850) to provide top-notch web services.

Open To Investors

We are pleased to announce to you that iConnect is now open to investors. We at iConnect are pleased to announce to the general public who are willing to invest in the telecom business, that you can now partner with us while we make your money work for you.

We offer three (3) and six (6) months contracts, and we pay 5% ROI every month.

The minimum amount you can invest is N50,000

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Fact About Telecom Business

– Do you know that telecom is the only sector that hasn\’t been affected by the recession? This industry is the only industry that continues to thrive even in the face of the ongoing global recession.

– The richest people in the world enjoy a lot of leverage by participating in the Telecoms/Mobile Technology industry one way or the other.

– Do you know that there are over 10 billion active phone users worldwide?

– Do you agree that Airtime is the most traded commodity worldwide \”without persuasion\”

– Our products are unique and everyday consumable.

Amazingly, you could choose to tap into this opportunity and earn 5% of all transactions on the platform. Make your money work for you.

Here is a smart opportunity for you to leverage on telecommunication industry and earn big.

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