Loving You Was Wrong – Short Story


“My friend, Take a look at yourself. See what you are doing to yourself. Tell me what you are still doing in his house.” Onika my bestfriend said to me.
“I am Mrs. Gold Stanley Dickson. Onika I can’t change that. I love Stanley and I’ll never leave him. I am his wife.” I said.
“Gold, you can’t keep on with this marriage when he treats you like a slave.. Like you don’t belong to this world. Look at your face Gold. He had beaten you up again just last night. You don’t even dress the way you use to. You stay at home all week. He doesn’t want you to work! What sort of a husband is that.”
“Onika. I love him. I love him so much and I’ll keep praying for God to change him.”

“Ohh.. Now you want God to change him ehn. Not you changing him again. Remember when I was warning you. Everyone was warning you. Stanley was handsome and intelligent. Every girl in campus flaunts over him then… but he was a total freak. A pervert. But you wouldn’t listen. You said you love him so much and would change him. He also let you know who he is. A freak. But you let yourself into him. Now you see the outcome. He married you cos you got pregnant for him.. The same pregnancy which was kicked off by him two nights after your wedding. Gold get away from this guy. He’s nothing but a monster.” Onika said.
“I\’m sorry Onika. I can’t leave my husband. I\’m married to him and it’s for better or worse.” I said and stood up.
“Gold help yourself. This life isn’t two. Don’t let this guy send you into coma one day. I\’m pleading with you biko. Divorce Stanley and have your free life back.” She said.
“Thanks Onika. Please do well in getting that bag for me. I want that type I showed you.” I said.
It was already dark and my heart is pounding.
I just pray Stanley isn’t home yet.

“Alright friend. Please take care of this wounds on your face okay?” She said.
I nodded and walked away.

Driving home, My heart kept pounding.
If Stanley is back home before me. Im as good as dead.
Oh God…

I horned and peter opened the gate.
“Welcome madam.” He said but there was something about his expression that made me think there’s a problem.
“Peter.. Is my husband back?” I asked.
“Yes madam.” He said coldly.
I frozed.

I drove to the garage and came down with my little purse to the front porch.
I know im in real trouble.
God.. why did I even think of going to see Onika.
I rang the doorbell and the door was opened immediately like he’s been at the door, waiting for me.

“I..We–” I was going to explain but a hot slap from him sent me staggering back, but he gripped me and pushed me into the house -The living room and lock the door.

I tried running upstairs but his thunderous voice -“Get back here!” sent me running back to his front and fell on my knees.
He grabbed the long black belt which lay on the couch and held the head tightly on his hand. Then faced me with so much contempt.
His muscles sprout out and he was fuming.
God. im dead.
Tears rolles down my eyes as I clutched my palms together in the plea.

“Honey, I\’m sorry. I went to buy something from Onika.” I said.
“And what is that!” He barked.
“A bag.. a bag.” I said.
“What bag for what?!”
“I just needed the bag cos I like it.” I said.
He scanned around.
“And where is the bag?” He hurled.
I swallowed.
“She.. I.. she doesn’t ha–” A hot lash on my body sent me falling down.
“Ahhhh Please Stanleyy” I cried.
“You whore! Prostitute. You went to see Onika which I warned you never to see again. You dared me Gold!” He barked like a lion and raised the belt again.
I shook my head rapidly, “No no no no no.. Stanley no. I\’m sorry.”
“Shut up!” He barked and sent another hot lash which landed painfully on my cheek and neck.
I yelled out in pain…
“Oh my God! oh my God!” I cried trying to get up but another two hot lashes sent me falling back.
“Lay on your tummy. Right now!” He ordered.
“Stanley please.. Im be–” I got cut short by another lash on my thighs.
I quickly layed flat on my stomach with hot tears pouring down.

“I paid for this Ass.. You see this fucking ass here.” He hurled as he slapped my ass painfully with his hand. “I paid for it. What did I say?”
I swallowed.
“Yo.. you paid for it,” I answered. tearfully.
“Good.. Now I\’m going to punish you with ten strokes of this belt. Next time, you wouldn’t disobey me again.” He said and before I could beg, two strokes already landed on my ass.
“Ahhhhh! Stanley please I\’m begging you” I screamed in pain.
Then another followed.
Another… Then another.
I couldn’t beg anymore. All I did was yell in pains as I recieved ten strokes of hot lashes on my ass.
“Stan…leyy” I groaned in pain.
“You dare call my name and you will regret ever doing so. Now get up and go get me my food. Foolish girl.” He spat on me.
I cried as I struggled up and staggered painfully to the kitchen in tears.
Getting into the kitchen, I leaned on the door as I nursed my burning butt and winced in pain.
My body felt hot. I was in pains.. So much pains.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this. I’ve been a good wife.
I’ve been doing everything right.
I love him with all my heart. I do everything I can to please him.
Was it wrong to love him? Was it wrong to love someone you love the more? To get married to the man whom your heart couldn’t quit loving and you pay deaf ears to the warnings everyone gave.

I wiped my tears and walked to the counter, turned on the faucet and washed my face in the sink..
There were blood… From from last night and from tonight.
I sighed as the wound hurt.
It was last night.. just like every other night. He beat me for doing this or doing that.. He finds every little fault just so he can hit me.
Last night He threw a spoon at me cos he said the rice tasted salty. The spoon landed on my cheek and gave me this wound… I had to cook another rice that night.
Now, it’s Onika.. Onika has been my bestfriend and I can’t just stop my friendship with her.

“Gold!!” His thunderous voice shook me out of my thought and I jumped in fright and I scampered with shaky hands for the plates.
“Gold!!!” His voice came again.. more louder this time.
“I am coming!” I managed to say out.
“If I meet you in that kitchen!” He said.
I rushed off with his food in a tray…
I placed it on the dining table.
I was grateful to God that he ate everything without a single complaint.
After eating, he went upstairs and I carried the plates back to the kitchen and washed them, placing them on the drainboard.
When I came to the room, he was on the bed, with his laptop and office files.
He didn’t look up. I turned to the en-suite.

I had to nurse my wounds with a hand towel soaked in a hot water.
It was so painful but the pains didn’t reach the pains I was feeling right in my heart.
My heart which I love him with.
My heart which I gave to him.
I shouldn’t have let my feelings control me. I should have listened to Onika and everyone before letting him into my heart. I recall those years now and all I do is ‘shed tears’ I can’t do anything.

I picked a bath towel from the towel rail, tied it around my body, and walked out.. He was still busy with his laptop.
He had already demarcated our space with three-bed pillows.
I walked to my wardrobe and settled for a red nightie.. Pulling into it, I walked to the bed…
The little space that he left me, I lay down.

I stayed awake till an hour later when he closed up his laptop, dropped it and the files, and layed down.
I stayed awake till 12AM cos I couldn’t sleep….
His phone began vibrating… A call.
But the phone was at the bedside table which is beside him so I couldn’t reach it..
He didn’t wake up either to pick it… It rang three times and never did again till 3am when I finally slept off.

I woke up with a banging headache.
I ignored the headache and rushed to the kitchen to make him breakfast of fried egg and buttered bread.

“Goodmorning.” I said when he came to the dining.. dressed in his office wears.
He ignored me and sat down.
After eating, he left for work without saying a word to me.
I touched my head.. It was knacking hard.
My body felt so terribly hot..
I took some drugs and ate.
I felt better but sleep came so I went upstairs and slept off on the bed.
I woke up by three in the afternoon and managed to tidy up the kitchen and bedroom.. Mop the living-room and did laundry…
I felt so weak but I had to do them all to avoid being hit tonight.
After being done, I layed on the couch in the living room and soon, I slept off again.

The sound of the doorbell was what woke me up.
I checked the wall clock and it said ‘7:40pm’
I got up and walked to the door.
My body temperature was high. I felt im going to fall anytime soon..
I opened the door and the smell of strong alcohol filled my nostril.
I got out of the way and he staggered in and stretched his briefcase to me which I took.
“You foolish girl.. What were you doing that took you forever to open the door huh?” He said in a drunken voice.
“Im not feeling well. I was sleeping.” I said and tried to turn but he grabbed me.
God! not again tonight.
“Come here young lady.” He said.
“What Stanley. please don’t hit me tonight. I beg you.” I said with fright.
He kicked the door and it slammed shut.
He was behind me with his hands tightly wrapped around my waist.

“No wifey.. I don’t want to hit my wife tonight.. I want to hit the other place.” He said and giggled then bent his head and began giving me kisses on my neck and moving his hands up to grab my b**bs.
I was almost suffocating. The alcoholic smell was much.
“Stanley.. please im not feeling well and you are drunk!” I said.
“Shhh.. Calm down, woman.” He said and went further.
“Oh Stanley please not tonight I\’m sick.. I\’m really sick and weak..” I said and tried to get away from his hold.
“Are you stupid!” He suddenly barked and pushed me down.
I fell on the tiled floor.
“How dare you! Are you mad?” He barked with red eyes.
“Stanley im sick please.. Im really sick. I\’m weak. im very weak here.” I pleaded but my pleading got rewarded by a hot slap that sent stars outta my eyes.
I yelled out and held my cheek in pain.
He rushed to me and pushed me so I fell flat on the floor. Then he came on top me.
“Are you crazy huh?” He hurled as he loosened his belt, and unzipped his trouser.
“Stanley please” I cried as hot tears rolled out of my eyes.
He shoved his hand inbetween my legs and reached for my pant and pulled it out and smatched it on my face.
Then he held my hands tightly above my head with his left hand… and parted my legs wide with his right hand.
“You are my fucking wife.. you get that. And this thing in between your legs is mine! I paid for it idiot and I’ll fuck it whenever I want. You get that? Idiot.”
With that he forcefully shoves his d**k into me..

I yelled out in pains..
“Stanley I..” But he slapped me.
“Shut up you whore.” He barked as he kept pounding into me painfully.
I couldn’t breathe..
I gasped for air… I kept gasping for air.

For air.. for air..

Till I couldn’t hold anymore and lost it.



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