Major Differences Between MTN SME And MTN Gifting Data.

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Today, I will show you a few major differences between MTN SME and MTN Gifting data.
You may be wondering after logging in to your Paytev dashboard to see two different categories of MTN Data instead of just one like other websites. Don’t worry, I\’m here to shed more light on that.

As you already know, MTN SME is kind of expensive to this MTN corporate gifting.
Some months ago, MTN introduced an educational plan, where someone can share data plans with students or associates to be able to gain access to the internet.

This gave birth to the corporate gifting data bundle. Which has proven to be cheaper than MTN SME.
It is also important to note that both SME gifting data bundles are powered by MTN Nigeria.
One (SME) is coded via 461 while the other, (Gifting) is coded via 131.
They both have a 30days validity.
Before August 26th, 2019 SME had a validity of 90days. Eventually, SME is now 30days.
However, it is assumed that Gifting exhausts faster than SME. But iConnect can categorically say gifting browses faster than SME.

It\’s just common sense, if Gifting browses faster, then it should have a faster consumption.
Moreso, SME is usually easy for website owners to fetch, and more common, unlike gifting. Hence, few websites have a gifting plan on their portal.

NOTE: MTN SME data plan can be funny sometimes. The network is not usually stable. Once you get an error message while trying to recharge SME, just switch to gifting. That is why we now incorporate a gifting plan on our server. The issue is usually from MTN Nigeria.
You should be satisfied now right?
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