Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 1

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 1


There was a dramatic change in the atmosphere as one could hardly see someone at a close range. It was as if it will be rainy at any moment though, the weather was enjoyable as it keep producing a lot of breezes.

Uniport students were seen hanging around the school premises. Some were in the company of their lovers while some were just interacting
and laughing with their friends.

Daniel is in a yellow top and black trousers came out from the H.O.D’s office walking down to his car.

His eyes were so focused on the paper he
was holding that he didn’t know when he bumped into a girl making her books to fall on the ground. Due to vibration of fear, she almost lost her balance. She stare at her books
for a while and adjusted downward to pick it up.
Daniel also went down to pick them up for her.
“It’s ok” Ella said but Daniel paid deaf ears- still picking the books up.

“Leave it. leave it” Ella said again. But Daniel continued picking it up until his eyes left the books and went to Ella.
He was shocked when he realized who he bump into. the girl he has dreamt of making his wife eversince he set his eyes on her at the supermarket.
He was just staring at her continuously.


Ella came out from the supper market and went to the road side, waiting for a cab.
Minutes later, after a while of standing by the road, she saw a cab coming to her direction. She wave at It until It slowly stopped beside her. She went in and close the door.
Just then, Daniel ride in to the supper market.

He quickly came out from his car rushing to meet Ella. But it
was late already. The cab has already moved.

Back To Reality.

Daniel have stopped picking up the books. He was busy staring at Ella and lost in his own fantasy.

“I have seen you before” Daniel said. Ella adjusted upright holding her note books. She took a glance at Daniel for the first time.

“I’m sorry. I have not seen you before” She responded and started walking to her department alongside with Jennifer her
friend who was mute all those while. Daniel was dumbstruck.
He can’t imagine himself falling for a girl who don’t even know him. Ever since he set his eyes on Ella, he haven’t been himself.
He can’t help but to fall in love with her everyday. He have dreamt of making her
his better half but it seems it won’t come to

Reality; even at that, he never wanted to give up. He felt there’s hope. He was just watching Ella’s figure until they were out of sight.
The bike man carried Ella to her house. She hopped down and went inside after paying the bike man off.
Daniel drove his car and parked it beneath a mango tree in Ella’s compound.
He came down from his car, exposing the bunch of keys on his hand which added to his handsomeness. He walked to the door, and stood like a solider contemplating if to knock or not. After standing for some minutes, He summoned courage and knocked. He put his two hands in his pocket looking around the environment.

Ella opened the door
and came out. She was shocked to see Daniel. She wondered what he want from her and how he managed to locate where she live.

“Hi” Daniel greeted with a smile.

“What do you want?” Ella asked with a frown face.

The smile on Daniel’s face vanished.

“Who told you I stay here? what do you want?” she asked further and daniel smile.

“it’s too many for me to answer at once” daniel responded.

“What do you want from me?” Ella asked again raising her voice.

“Ok, to start with. My name is Daniel and” He was interrupted by Ella.

“cut the whole details. What do you want? How do you know I live here?” She asked looking around to check if someone came with Him. but, she didn’t see anyone. She was still surprise how he located her house.

“To be sincere with you.ok, I saw you on an Okada, and I followed you all the way to this point” Daniel Explained.

“Followed me?” Ella asked still don’t know why he did that.

“I’m sorry ok. I’m really sorry. I don’t mean any harm. I just want us to get acquainted that’s all” Daniel responded calmly.

“Ok. so, you’re one of those cult guys right? I knew it from the first time. I saw you, that there was something strange about you.
please, I don’t want any problem. Please I don’t want any trouble” She begged.

Daniel was just laughing coz it seems funny to him.

“You have a very wrong inspiration about me you know?” Daniel said laughing.

“Please give me the right inspiration” She responded flying her hands.

“Ok. what if I say that, from the very first day I set my eyes on you, I fell in love with you. Will that make me a cultist? mine being a gentle man to help you pick up your books when it fell off, will
that make me a cultist?. what if I say to you that I have longed and wish to spend my whole life with you, will that make me a cultist?” Daniel

Ella was just looking at him dumbfounded.

“I can see that you have gone really really crazy. I will advice you to leave now before I call the police” Ella said.

“I’m damn serious. I’m serious” Daniel responded.

“Ok Ok fine. let’s call the whole thing out ok. My uncle happens to be very ill.

You call me out here to tell me all this jargons? maybe you should take a leave now. Good day” she said walking to the door.

“Eeh em mm” Daniel saw himself stammering.

Before he could find a word to say, she has
already shut the door on his face. He looked around the house again.

“Well, at least, I know her house” Daniel smiled returning back to his car.

To be continued…

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