Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 11 – 17

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episodes 11 – 17


Doctor John and Mike was seen standing in doctor Mike’s office as one could see doctor john turning a book over and over again.
“That is a fascinating case. She has no one to take care of her” Doctor John said pitifully handing the book to doctor Mike.
“Have you heard from”
“The woman and her son?” Doctor John completed the question and shook his head negatively.
“This girl, I feel very sorry for her. For her to be involved in such a fatal accident and then, her father comes to visit her in the hospital, and collapses and die there. And now, she has no one to look after her. it’s so sad” doctor mike said to doctor John feeling very sorry for Ella.
“It is sad, but, what do you suggest?” Doctor John asked doctor Mike.
“To tell you the truth. I want to take that girl to my hospital.
So that I will have enough time to treat her. I need to make use of great facilities that I know you do not have in this hospital” doctor mike answered.
“Well, it’s okay by me. But, one thing worries me” Doctor John said.
“What is it?” doctor mike asked.
“Doctor mike. she has already in cured a handsome amount here and then”
“You know what?” Doctor mike said taking his sit.
“There’s nothing to worry about. My own bills, let’s say, I’m doing it for humanity” doctor mike said. Doctor John stare at him surprisedly.
“mike, you surprise me” Doctor john responded still surprise.
“Let me shock you further, all her bills here, I want you to settle them with my fees. and if they do not cover that, please call me” Doctor mike said.
“For the bills, let’s also say, it’s for humanity” doctor John responded with a smile. He started walking to the exit door. “John” doctor mike called making him to stop and turned backward.
“Thank you” Doctor mike said. doctor John nodded his head gently stunning out.
There was a total silent in Daniel’s hospital room as both Cynthia and Mrs. Emily was watching at Daniel sadly. Daniel has been sleeping all this while without opening his eyes. Cynthia stood up and kissed him on his lips. Daniel didn’t open his eyes nor make a move. Cynthia went and take back her sit.
Ramo and Shekina was seen entering the hospital putting on a white garments claiming to be one of the nurses. they started searching for Ella’s ward until they finally found it. they opened the door to see a lady laying on the hospital bed.
Meanwhile darkness has already covered the whole building as there was no power supply. they quickly injected the drugs on her and ran out.
At Mrs. Emily’s house.. she stare down from the stairs to see Shina Rambo staring into the envelope that she gave him which contains a hunch amount of money. Shina Rambo is a boss to Ramo and Shekina.
“I hope the balance is completed now?” Mrs. Emily
Shina Rambo looked up at her.
“Yes ma’am. thanks alot” He responded.
“I hope,I won’t hear stories this time?” Mrs. Emily asked
and Shina Rambo smiled.
“No stories ma. She’s now resting in peace” He replied.
more thing. You don’t know me and I don’t know you.
understand?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Exactly ma” He responded.
“You know your way out when you’re done. excuse
me” Mrs
Emily said returning to her room.
At Mike’s Hospital.
Ella was seen lying on her hospital bed. it’s been days
she has been moved out from John’s hospital down
to this Mike’s hospital.
She was putting on a sad face feeling mind shattered.
Amarachi walked in, to see her in a sad mood. she shook
head and sat beside her.
“Ella, all this things won’t help, you know! you need
get healed” She told Ella.
“I don’t need it” Ella responded with a frown.
it’s as if you’re not grateful to God for sparing your
life” Nurse Amarachi asked.
“I wish I was dead” Ella Replied sorrowfully.
“Oh come on Ella” Nurse
Amarachi said.
“My father is dead. My best friend Ogechi is dead and
I can’t find my love. My true love,Daniel” Ella broke down
in tears.
Nurse Amarachi shook her head pitifully.
have to get the full use of your legs” nurse Amarachi
“I don’t” Ella responded.
“You do”
“I don’t” Ella responded and began to cry. flashing back on what Mrs. Emily
told her that the doctor said she won’t walk again.
“I said you will. listen to me, healing starts from the
from the soul. If you will it, so shall it be. It is simply
Choice. Ella, let’s try again” Nurse Amarachi brought
wheel chair closer to the bed.
At Best Hospital.
“How is he?” Mrs. Emily asked doctor best who was
checking on Daniel.
“He’s going to be alright ma. infact, he will be walking
in couple of days” Doctor best responded with a smile.
“oh my
God. thank you so very much doctor” Mrs. Emily
“Aww madam. God heals. we only treat” He responded
and they giggled.
“Thank God his alright now. I will excuse myself” He
and stun out. Mrs. Emily went and sat beside Daniel
on his hospital bed.
“Honey, you heard the doctor talking? you will soon
discharge. I missed you so much. the house is lonely
you” She said with a smile.
“mum. How is Ella? where is she? how is her friend
how are they?” Daniel asked.
cool down” she said putting on a sad face.
where is Ella?” Daniel asked again. Mrs. Emily went
“Mum” Daniel called again when she didn’t say anything.
dead” Mrs. Emily responded.


Episode 13

“Just like her friend. She died in the accident” Mrs. Emily
it came to Daniel as a blow. Tears began to circulate
his eyes.
“What? no oo oh, she can’t be dead” Daniel cried.
now going to marry. She’s not meant for you” Mrs. Emily
“No, she can’t be dead. don’t say she’s dead. I will
if you say she’s not dead. oh God” Daniel cried and
“Doctor. doctor” Mrs. Emily screamed rushing to the
doctor’s office.
The following day.
it’s a new day now. And Daniel seems not to get over
shocked that Ella is dead. The door to her ward opened
Cynthia walked in with a food flask to see Mrs. Emily
there. She greeted her and went to Daniel, sitting on his
bed. She tried to cheer him up, all her effort was effortless.
Days later.
Daniel has fully recovered and has been discharged
the hospital. He tried not to believe that Ella was dead,but,
evidence his mum showed him has proven that she’s
dead. He kept staring at the grave in the graveyard
written” In memory of miss Ella. we missed you” tears
from his eyes the more. If someone should tell him
Ella is dead, he won’t believe.but, her grave has already
proven it all.
“Ella, so you are truly dead?” Daniel cried shaking his
“Oh God, oh God” Daniel screamed more loudly. He
seen the reason of living without Ella. he wished, he was
once told me, that only death could tear us apart.
are wrong, because, we will always be together. You
always be in my heart Ella, for ever. I’m sorry. I’m so
sorry” Daniel
said and broke down in tears the more.
so sorry. mummy’s sorry. she’s really hurt. she’s so
and so, she gave you a be-fitted burial. Oh God, Ella
missed you. I mi… y….ou” Daniel said tearfully.
At Doctor Mike’s house.
“oh come on Ella, you can do it. move” doctor mike
Ella who was screaming, trying to move her leg. meanwhile, she’s
standing up closer to a wall in the dining room.
“Move it,
yes move it. good” Doctor mike said to Ella who was
to move her leg.
“I can’t” Ella responded.
“you can” Doctor mike told her.
“I can’t”
“keep on trying. move, move” Doctor mike said to Ella.
can’t” Ella responded falling to the floor. Doctor mike
to her. He helped her up, handing her walking stick to
she screamed. She managed to help herself with the
stick down to the sitting room and sat on a cushion.
mike sat opposite her looking at her.
disappointed you right?” Ella asked feeling sad.
mike shook his head negatively.
“Do you know why I brought you to my house to
stay?” doctor mike asked.
“I guess,because I have nowhere else to go” Ella
“Not really” He answered.
“then why?” Ella asked.
“The moment I saw you in that hospital ward. My
went out. I don’t know precisely why, but like a father
a daughter. I wanted to help” doctor mike said.
you very much sir” Ella responded.
don’t seem happy?” Doctor mike asked Ella who
was feeling sad.
“I want to tell you a little story. I was once married,
my wife died six years ago” Mr. mike said.
“I’m so
sorry sir” Ella responded in a sympathetic way.
no need to be. They say, time heals all wounds. I
tried to believe that but”
“what happened to her sir? was she ill?” Ella asked.
died of grieve. I once had a daughter, if she was to
alive now, she will be about the same age with you.
gave her everything; at least,
tried. I must blame myself to be concern about my
that I didn’t notice when my little baby took drugs.
I wasn’t a good father” Doctor mike said standing up
with tears.
“She died of overdose drugs. the grieve was too much
my wife,so, she also died a year after”
“I’m so sorry sir”
“we all make mistakes. But, the greatest mistakes upon,
for us to delay to learn from our past mistakes. This
has taught me something. I have to be in the hospital
now” He
said and left with tears. Ella also broke down in tears
she remembered her love ones who died accidentally.
tears increased the more when she thought about her
Daniel and why he hasn’t come looking for her.
At Austin’s hotel.
Daniel sat on a chair with his table empty. He wasn’t
to eat nor drink. Rather, he was there to think about his
world. He kept staring at Ella’s picture which he was
on his hands. It pains him that, what he treasured
is gone.” why Ella” He broke down in uncontrollable


Episode 14 & 15

Daniel journeyed to Ella’s house. Even though he
saw her grave, He wanted to confirm truly if she was
from her father.He stood there knocking at the door.
“Hello ooh,
is anybody home?” Daniel asked but no response.
went to the backyard, to see a mighty river close to
house. He peeped to see a man struggling with his
“Good afternoon sir” Daniel greeted.
“Afternoon” the
man responded walking to Daniel.
pls,I’m asking after papa Denis” Daniel told the man.
“Denis don die nah!” the man told Daniel. It struck
like a thunder strike, as his mind fly away. He stood
staring at the man with a confused look.
never hearam? the man don die. He died immediately
after Ella died”
“Are you serious?” Daniel asked curiously.
you never hear? they don die oh. Two of them don die.
dey here again” The man said.”so it’s true. Ella is dead” Daniel felt sad.
“Thank you”
“Okay bye bye” The man responded returning back to
canoe at the river. Daniel sluggishly left the compound
with a broken heart.
At Big Men’s Hotel
Daniel and Cynthia was seen eating in the hotel.
kept stealing glances at Daniel who wasn’t eating
food but lost in his own thought.
what is wrong with you?” Cynthia asked.
I’m fine” Daniel responded.
“Nothing? you can’t be like this all day” Cynthia said.
fine. Honestly, I’m fine okay!” Daniel responded.
“I hope
so”Cynthia echoed. Daniel held her right hand.
fine okay. Eat your food” Daniel said flashing her a
fake smile.
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At Mike’s House.
line of tears could be trace on Ella’s face which means
she has been crying all day. She took the telephone
her and dailed Daniel’s house number and placed
the phone on her ears.
Mrs. Emily rushed down to the sitting room when
heard the house cell phone ringing.
picked it and placed it on her ears.
“Yes, hello, helloo. is anybody there?” she stay at the
and dropped the call, wondering who called without
anything. She took a glass of drink walking to her
Back to Ella.
she didn’t dare utter a word when she discovered that
was Daniel’s Mother that picked the call. she gently
the telephone down, feeling so sad.
“So?” Nurse
Amarachi who came visiting, to check on Ella asked.
was his mum” Ella responded feeling stranded.
my dear, you can’t let the whole world stand still just
of a heart break” nurse Amarachi told Ella.
don’t understand. I can’t get Daniel off my mind. I
to know if his alright and why he didn’t bothered
look for me” Ella responded tearfully.
he has,but, doesn’t know your whereabout” Nurse
Amarachi said.
“Or probably he has forgotten about me” Ella asked.
could be anything” Nurse Amarachi replied and
began to cry again.
“Ella. Listen, I think is time you make up your mind
what you really want” nurse Amarachi told Ella.
don’t know what I want” Ella responded crying.
know, but you have to face your fears”
“what do
I do? I’m so scared” ell asked. nurse Amarachi stood up
and walked to her.
“my mother used to tell me that ‘love’ is for the bold
dead. She said, if you run away from your feelings,
will always come back to hunt you. Ella, what do you
want?” Nurse Amarachi asked. Ella kept staring at
without saying anything.
“It’s okay” She wrapped her arms round Ella, like
mother to her heart broken duaghter.
The following day.
Daniel was seen in Ella’s grave putting on black
trousers and black top.
“it’s not been easy living without you. living without
feelings I wanted more. Day after day, that beautiful
of yours that brings sunshine to my way. Living without
is like torture to my soul. Night after night, I cry silently.
praying you will forgive me, because if I didn’t come
your life, you probably would’ve been alive today.
me Ella please. forgive me for what I’m about to do.
getting married in next two days. I hope, you understand.
love you. I will always love you,forever. I will always
you. That’s a promise. You will always be in my heart” he
and broke down in tears. He kissed the rose flowers
came with and placed it on Ella’s grave.
The following day.
Ella was seen on a taxi, staring at Daniel’s gate with
glass of the taxi closed. meanwhile, they where at
road side. she wanted to come down from the car
when she remembered that miss Emily may be around
relaxed back in the taxi, hoping for a miracle that
will bring Daniel outside. The gateman opened the
to display Daniel and Cynthia kissing each other
Tears roll down from Ella’s eyes.
“Driver. let’s go” Ella told the taxi man wiping her tears
it kept rolling down. He started the car and they left.
back to Cynthia and Daniel.
they entered Cynthia’s G-wagon and zoomed off
taking another road.


Episode 16 & 17

Doctor mike opened the sitting room’s door to see
crying and sitting on a cushion.
How long are you going to cry?” doctor mike asked.
you won’t understand” Ella responded still crying.
You don’t understand young lady. you should be
to God, for being alive. Not only alive, you can now
again with your legs. will you kill yourself because of
love?” doctor mike asked.
“I love him” Ella responded.
“fine. go on and kill yourself then” doctor mike said angrily
throw a newspaper on the table. Ella gently took it up.
eyes almost poop out of it’s socket when she saw the
of Daniel and Cynthia getting married tomorrow.
she forcefully dropped it back on the table.
dear girl. when love ends, life continues” doctor
said and left. Ella took back the newspaper and
tears roll down her cheek.
On The Wedding Day.
Daniel and Cynthia was seen standing at the altar in their
wedding attires.
“Do anybody here have any reason why this people
not be married? let him or her say now or forever
remain silent” the
pastor asked the congregations. they were cold
ice block- beaming with smiles.
to the bride groom. You repeat after me. I Daniel Edward”
“I Daniel Edward”
“Do take Cynthia Okafor”
“do take Cynthia Okafor”
“as my wife in the presence of the almighty God”
my wife in the presence of the Almighty God”
“for richer for poorer”
“for richer for poorer”
“in sickness and in health”
“in sickness and in health”
“To cherish and to hold”
“to cherish and to hold”
“till death do us part”
“till death do us part” Daniel responded after the pastor.
Just then,
Ella walked into the church premesis. She went and
herself between the congregations.
the bride groom can fix the ring on the brides finger” the
said and Daniel fixed the ring on Cynthia’s finger.
“The bride. you will repeat after me”
“I Cynthia Okafor”
“I Cynthia Okafor”
“do take Daniel Edward”
“as my husband in the presence of the lord”
my husband in the presence of the lord”
“For richer for poorer”
“for richer for poorer”
“in sickness and in health”
“in sickness and health”
“To cherish and to hold”
“To cherish and to hold”
“Till death do us apart”
“Till death do us apart” Cynthia repeated with joy.
removed the ring Daniel once fixed on her finger and
it on the ground with tears.
the bride can fix the ring on the groom finger” Just as
was about fixing the ring on Daniel’s finger, Daniel
Ella from afar and withdraw his hands. He was shocked
the same time, dumbfounded. Mrs. Emily was also
to see Ella. she removed her glasses to take a good
again. Ella stood up and started running away with tears.
Ella” Daniel called running after Her. Cynthia fainted as
could see Mr. Okafor rushing to his daughter. The
were murmuring in confusion as noise filled the air.
come back here” Mrs. Emily shouted running after
likewise Richard. Daniel’s best friend.
Ella was seen running, trying to cross the bridge.
“Ella” Daniel
shouted still running after her. Ella got tired and stopped
“Don’t come close to me. I will just jump into the
river” Ella threatened with tears.
do it Ella” Daniel responded- pleading.
do you care? what do you care? go….go and marry
love” Ella shouted at Daniel tearfully.
my one and only true love and you know that” Daniel
responded sadly.
“I gave you my heart. And you promise me. you
me. Why did you break your promise?” Ella asked in
“I’m sorry I did not know. I swear to God I did not know.
mother lied to me. she told me that you were dead.
was I supposed to know? I even saw your grave.
showed me your grave. oh my God. I didn’t know
still alive. I love you Ella. please. the only thing you
to do is to just take my hand and we can start afresh
okay” Daniel
explained with tears. Stretching his hands to her.
I’ve to end it Now. let me jump into the river and
everything” Ella said crying.
“Just give me your hands and I will heal your
wounds” Daniel
responded still stretching his hands to her.
too late. is too late. I want to end my life right now” Ella
“The very first day I met you. You brought sunshine to
life. You’re my life Ella. My final destination. take my
please. I don’t want Cynthia. It is you I love. I love
very much Ella. please don’t do this to me. Take my hands
please” Daniel pleaded. Ella stretch her right hand
forward to him.
just then, Mrs. Emily arrived. immediately Ella saw her,
mixed her steps and fell into the river.
“No oo oo ooh” Daniel cried trying to jump into the
river too.
But Richard hold Him back. He tried to free himself from
and die with Ella, but Richard hold him back to avoid
jumping into the river. Daniel gently went down in
tears with his heart broken.
“Mummy why?”

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