Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 18 Final Episode

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episodes 18


Mrs. Emily was seen sitting at the sitting room crying.
Daniel has cried all through the day. To the extend that his voice has began to crack. He went into his room and started parking his belongings into his traveling bag. When he was done. he stepped down to the sitting room to see his mum sitting there and crying. She has come to regret all she has done.
“You’re satisfied now, aren’t you? ahhh? you have achieved all you want. Selfish woman”
“Daniel. please listen to me.”
“don’t call my name. listen to you. did you ever listen to me? did you? and all I ever wanted all my life, was just that you hear me out and listen to me. But no, the almighty Emily is too proud to listen” Daniel said in tears.
“No my son” Mrs. Emily responded tearfully.
“I am not your son. Your son is who you command to do everything you want him to do. Your son is who you think doesn’t have a mind of his own” Daniel shouted at his mum.
“No Daniel. No oh” Mrs. Emily replied.
“But no, I’m not that kind of a son. I have my own life. a beautiful life. a life filled with laughter, and joy.” Daniel said
“Please” Mrs. Emily begged.
“but you never notice that. you never notice that I love Ella. why? instead, you caused her pains. You’re not
my Mother” Daniel said walking to the downstairs with histraveling back. Mrs. Emily ran after him with tears
dragging his shirts.
“Please forgive me” Mrs. Emily begged with tears.
Daniel kicked her hands off his shirts angrily.
“Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Forgive you? forgive you
for what? will forgiving you bring Ella back to me? after deceiving
me? you told me that Ella was dead. it is always you and what
you want” Daniel shouted at his mother. Mrs. Emily went down on her kneels,pleading.
“You said I should forgive you? forgive you for what?
and you called yourself my mother. You don’t deserve to be called a mother at all” Daniel said.
“Daniel please I’m sorry. I only wanted the best for you.
please my son” Mrs. Emily begged crumbing to his feet.
“Your best wasn’t good enough. You can do whatever thing you like. As for me, I’m walking out of your life for
good” Daniel said and left with his traveling bag. Mrs. Emily cried rolling on the floor.
It was very dark. Approximately 8pm when Daniel visited the riverside. He stood beside the river waiting for the canoe mens he send to search for Ella. They walked
out of the river and placed the dead body of Ella on the ground, beside daniel and left. Daniel lifted Ella to himself in tears.
“Ella no oh. Mummy why” Daniel cried rolling on the ground.
He suddenly stopped and walked to his traveling bag. He brought out a kitchen knife and stare at Ella’s body for the last time.
“Ella. living without you has been hell to me. is as if I never really lived. Up till now I can’t still believe that
you’re dead. I can’t really move on, because, you’re the reason
I live. since you’re gone, is meaningless for me to be living.
I love you and that won’t change. that’s the reason why I want to do this, so that we can continue our love in the spirit
God please accept my soul and forgive me” Daniel lifted the knife above his head.
It was dark.Just like the darkest hour,very dark. She could not see any human being neither was she hearing
the voice of the animal. she followed the rays of lightshe saw until she saw an angel on white garment backing her.
“Ella” the Angel called.
“Yes. where am I?” Ella asked the Angel.
“Ella, why did you chose to kill yourself?” The angel asked ignoring her own question. Ella began to cry.
“The pain I was passing through was too much,so, I decided to end it all” She responded.
“Ella. is not time for you to be here. Go back to the
earthly world. Daniel is about to kill himself. Daniel is your destiny.
Ella go oo ooh” the Angel shouted and Ella disappeared.
“Daniel no oh” Ella shouted coughing. Daniel slowly dropped the knife and rushed to Ella.
“Ella” Daniel called surprisedly. He blink his eyes two times giving her the look that reads ” How manage”
“My love” Ella called back with smiles.
“You’re alive. but you were dead some minutes ago” Daniel asked still surprise.
“Yes. I’m alive” Ella responded. Daniel went and embrace her.
“Thank God you’re alive. Thank you for coming back to me.
I love you Ella” Daniel said hugging her more tighter.
“I love you too Daniel. king of my heart” Ella responded with tears.


Ella and Daniel later got married in London and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl who they named “Daniella” and they lived happily ever.
Mrs. Emily, Shina Rambo, and his gang were later arrested by the police for the attempt of murder.

The end. 

My story was written by Prince Daniel (King Of Love).

We hope you enjoyed the story. if you did, tell us one or two lessons you learn from my story.

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