Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 2

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 2


The Following Day.
Daniel came to Ella’s house again. He knocked on the door and adjusted backward, waiting for her to open the door.

“Come in” Ella rushed and opened the door hoping that it was her friends that called earlier that they are on their way to her house.
only to open it and see Daniel standing outside.

She put on a straight face.
“You again? what do you want this time?” Ella asked with a frown Face wondering why he came again.

“Here. Happy birthday” Daniel said stretching a bag filled with gifts to Ella with a smile. Ella was shocked when she heard that from Daniel. Yes, it was her birthday but she never told
anyone except her friends. Then, how come Daniel now know today is her birthday” she kept asking herself over and over again without any reasonable answer.

“Please, please do accept it. Ella it’s from my heart. it’s very little but I beg you, please accept it please. Please don’t turn it down” Daniel said when Ella couldn’t say anything.

she took the gift forcefully from Daniel’s hand.

“Thank You. But by the way, who told you that today is my birthday?” Ella asked.

“Well. hmm. I bumped into your friend Jennifer in the supper market and she told me” Daniel responded.

“Jennifer?” Ella asked surprisedly

“Yes. We got talking and she told me that today is your birthday. that’s how I got to know about it. I’m very sorry if I shouldn’t” Daniel replied.

“No. it’s not your fault. Let me just get my hands on that Jennifer” Ella
responded angrily.

“Oh no no no. Take it easy on her. It’s not her fault.
I was just thinking that” Daniel got interrupted by Ella.

“Point of information. Please I do not appreciate every student in the school coming to my house and knowing everything about me”

Ella said and Daniel nodded his head.

“Yeah. I realize that too. But, part of information. I’m not a student.
I graduated from that school 4years ago and I did my masters three years back. When you saw me in school, I came to retrieve my timescript. That’s why I’m” Daniel
stopped when he heard some sounds. He looked backward to see a taxi riding into the compound with Ella’s friends sitting as the only passengers.

“Awww. I can see that you and your friends are ready to party” Daniel said.

“Yes” Ella responded with a smile.

“Okay. that’s good. like I said before, I’m sorry to intrude. I will be on my way. once more, Happy birthday” Daniel said and left with his
car. the three friends of Ella came down from the taxi and paid the taxi man off. They hurried to meet Ella except Jennifer who was reluctant to do So.

“This your guy is rich oh” Dave said with a smile.

“It’s not what you think joor” Ella responded with a frown.

“His equally handsome. I wish I’m the one his dating” Queen said.

“You can go and have him if you want” Ella said and they laughed. Queen and Dave went into the house. Jennifer sluggishly walk to Ella giving her a little distance.

“Let my hands descend on you” Ella said walking inside.
Jennifer followed behind.

Two Months Later.
Daniel can’t imagine that he’s now the one spending time with Ella. it’s been two months already and Ella has accepted to be his girlfriend.

Daniel can’t help but to smile each
time he stare at her beautiful face. He dreamt of making her his better half and it’s now coming to reality. Ever since he met Ella, he couldn’t help but to fall for her over and over again.

Daniel and Ella bought ice-creams and returned back to his car.

Daniel took some ice-creams in the spoon stretching it to Ella. immediately she opened her mouth to take it. Daniel withdraw his hands. Ella smiled staring away.
Daniel stretched it again to Ella. She smiled staring at Daniel continuously.
she opened her mouth pushing forward for it. Daniel withdraw his hand again. Ella rushed and fell on top of him.
she forcefully took the ice-cream and put inside her mouth. Daniel
couldn’t help but to laugh. Ella smiled.

Darkness has already set in. The night air was chill and awesome as
one could see the streets lights displaying it’s magnificent colors making the area look more beautiful and attractive.

Daniel and Ella was seen sitting opposite each other in the field as they kept staring into each other’s eyes, lovely.

“Beautiful moon light”
“Handsome moon light” Ella responded and Daniel smiled.
“You look very beautiful” Daniel said.
“Thank you, and you too. You look very handsome too” Ella replied with a smile.
“Just as my heir grow beyond it’s height?” Daniel asked.
“Can I park it backward for you?” Ella teased and they laughed.
“Do me a Favour”
“Could you close your eyes”
“Why?” Ella asked giving him a shy look and Daniel smiled.
“Relax. just close your eyes for me pleassssssse” Daniel pleaded with a
“Okay” Ella responded with a smile and closed her eyes.
“Are they closed?” Daniel asked.
“No cheating you know”
“Yeah” Daniel waved his hand at her face laughing. Ella couldn’t help but also laugh as well.
“Okay” Daniel deep his hand inside his pocket and brought out a small box.

He opened it displaying a ring. He took it and fixed it on Ella’s finger.

“Now, you may open” Daniel said. Ella opened her eyes and was shocked to see a ring on her finger.

“Wow” she exclaimed.
“Do you like it?” Daniel asked.
“Yeah” she responded staring at the ring.
“I mean NO. I can’t” Ella was trying to say something but Daniel
interrupted her.
“Listen dear. You brought sunshine to my life. Now I want to thank you. this is a question and the question is, will you marry me?” Daniel asked.

Ella didn’t know what to respond.
“I don’t think I can” Ella tried to say something again but Daniel interrupted her.

“Never mind ok. as soon as my mother returns from her vacation
from London. we will get married ok” Daniel said and Ella smiled.

“Now. what make you think I want to marry you Mr. Daniel” Ella asked with a smile.

“I don’t think. I see it in your eyes” Daniel replied with a smile and Ella laughed.

“really? ok. I will shut them” Ella replied with a smile.

“No, don’t try It oh” Daniel said and they laughed.
“I love you” Daniel said.
“I love you too. thank you” Ella responded.
“Don’t thank me. it’s not a gift. it’s a bond.” Daniel said. Ella laughed and laid down on the field. she was so happy staring at the ring. she
can’t wait to be call Daniel’s wife….she smiled.

To be continued…

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