Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 3

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 3


At Ella’s House
Daniel came down from his car and hurried to the door only
to discover that it was locked.

“Nobody dey for that house oh” The carpenter who was at his
shop close to Ella’s house Said.
“Awww?” Daniel asked.
“I said, nobody dey for that house oh” He said again.
Daniel started walking to him with a confused face.
“No body?” Daniel asked again, standing at his front.
“Yes. Aunty Ella carried Papa to the hospital” The carpenter said.
“Mmm” Daniel thought for a while.
“What hospital please” Daniel inquired.
“victorious hospital for the next street” He responded with a
“Ok. thank you very much ok” Daniel responded returning
back to his car. He opened the driver’s door and entered.
“Na at the end of the road oh. Down down” The carpenter
said again.
“Ok thanks” Daniel close his car door and started driving to the hospital.


At Victorious Hospital.
Mr. Denis, Ella’s uncle which she see as her father has
already been discharged from the hospital, as one could see
Daniel walking him to his car.
“My son. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate. you’re a good man, the kind of man I have always prayed will marry my daughter Ella” Mr. Denis said.
“Thank you sir. But your daughter also is every man’s dream.
I love her very much” Daniel responded.
“I know, I know” Mr. Denis said and started coughing.
“Take it easy sir. take it easy” Daniel said.
“Just take good care of her for me” Mr. Denis told Daniel.
“I will” Daniel responded.
“She mean so much to me” Mr. Denis said coughing
“She mean so much to me too sir” Daniel responded. Mr. Denis
started coughing loudly.
“Sorry sir” Daniel said. Ella came out from the other exit of the hospital to see Daniel walking her uncle to the car.
“Did you get the drugs?” Daniel asked Ella.
“Yes” she replied.
“Good. Good, please help me and open the back sit” Daniel told Ella.

She did as Daniel instructed. Daniel help Mr. Denis inside and closed the door. together they left the hospital.
At Daniel’s House.
A jeep honed at the gate. the gateman peeped and
behold, it was Mrs. Emily. Daniel’s mother. He quickly open
the gate. Mrs. Emily drove in with her Lexus jeep. Daniel went
and hug his mum. He was very happy to see her and thanked God that she arrived safely. Now he can now introduce Ella to his mum” he smiled.
Hours Later.
Mrs. Emily was running on her running machine exercising herself a little. Ever since she traveled to London, she hasn’t done any amazing exercise. The door opened and Daniel walked in with Ella to see his mum on a running machine.

He smiled and wrapped his arms round Ella.
“Hello mum” Daniel greeted. Mrs. Emily looked up with a smile. But, the
smile vanished when she saw him with a girl.

“Mum, I want to introduce a very special friend of mine. very special. Her name is Ella. Ella meet my mother” Daniel voiced out.

“Good afternoon ma” Ella greeted with a smile. Mrs. Emily ignored her greeting giving her a bad look. She took her towel and cleaned her body. Ella became sad. She wondered what she has committed to attract such look. Is like, she has dislike her already.
“How are you” Mrs. Emily finally asked Ella.
“I’m fine ma. Thank you ma” Ella replied. Mrs. Emily opened the door and stare back at Ella again with a frown face before leaving the sitting room. Ella became scared.

“Aww listen” Daniel didn’t even know what to say. He was surprised on
how she reacted towards Ella. He was hoping that she will be happy for him that he has finally find his soulmate and now, reverse has turn to be the case.
“It seems your mum doesn’t like me?” Ella asked sadly.

“No no. she’s just tired you know. she acquired a long trip. I’m sure she’s just tired that’s all. Don’t worry. I will talk to her later, she’s my mum” Daniel said and Ella nodded.

“Mmm. come on, let’s take some drink” Daniel said hugging Ella to himself.
they laughed heading to the bar.

To Be Continued…

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