Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 5

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 5


Mrs. Emily ignored their greetings using her eyes to survey the room she found herself in.
”what a local and disgusting house” she said to herself still looking around the sitting room.
“Me and Daniel spoked on the phone. He didn’t tell me that you were coming today. Please have a sit” Ella said with a smile pointing to a plastic chair beside her. Mrs. Emily didn’t say anything. she was just busy staring angrily at the plastic chair.
“Please sit down” Ella begged again with a smile.
“What do you want from my son?” Mrs. Emily asked Ella adjusting her look to her. It came as a shock to Ella.
“Excuse me ma” Ella said trying to get her correctly.
“Don’t play games with me. I know your type. I have you thoroughly investigated and I know everything about you.” Mrs. Emily said.

Ogechi stare at Ella who was also confused and staring at Mrs. Emily.
“I don’t get you ma” Ella responded confusedly.

“The whole thing is, leave my son alone. He does not belong to your class” Mrs. Emily shouted at Ella with a frown face. It came to Ella as a shocked.
She thought that when Daniel’s mum come back from London, that, she and Daniel will marry. That Daniel’s mum will love her,but, she was wrong. Mrs. Emily never liked her even from the very first day she set her eyes on Ella.
Ella felt sad. Her heart began to hot her as if it will explore in any minutes.
“I know your type. You’re only but a gold digger. How much? name your prize” Mrs Emily asked. Ella was just looking at her angrily.

“We may not be in your class or have the kind of money that you have.
But, one thing is sure, we’re definitely not hungry” Ella responded with a frown face.
“I love your son, yes. But, I could have loved him even if he wasn’t your son” Ella added,getting infuriated this time.
“Don’t waste my time little devil. How much?” Mrs Emily shouted at Ella. Ella took a sorrowful breathe calming herself down.

“I think is time going to your home now” Ella said opening the door more wild for her. Mrs. Emily laughed angrily clapping her hands.
“Just look at you. can’t you just be reasonable, huh, be reasonable let me settle you. I don’t want to see your stupid self running after my son” Mrs. emily shouted at Ella.
“I said, leave now mother” Ella shouted at Mrs. Emily fighting hard
to withhold the tears that formed in her eyes. Mrs. Emily adjusted
her glance to every edge of the sitting room before stunning out.

Ella forcefully closed the door. Ogechi went and embraced Ella,
consoling her. Just then, Mr. Denis walked into the sitting room from the
“Ella, I thought that I heard people quarreling?” Mr. Denis asked.
“papa,yes. it’s Daniel’s mum. papa can you believe this. She actually came
to offer me money as a pooper to leave her son alone” Ella explained.
“What did you tell her?” Mr. Denis asked.
“what else! I told her that, her money cannot buy the love I have for Daniel” Ella responded and Mr. Denis nodded his head positively.

“Come and sit down” Mr. Denis told Ella.
“Issokay” Ogechi consoled Ella walking her to a sit.
“it’s alright. You will be fine” Mr. Denis said, as one could see both him
and Ogechi, patting Ella’s shoulders.
“cheer up” Mr. Denis voice echoed again.
At Austin’s Hotel.
Daniel and Richard was seen eating and drinking. Richard is a friend
to Daniel and also worked in Mrs. Emily’s company.
“You know women love women?” Richard said.
“yes, so tell me what it is” Daniel inquired absentmindedly, concentrating
on his food.
“What I’m saying is that, you should try and listen to your mum” Richard
it came as a surprise to Daniel. if someone should be telling him this,
it shouldn’t be Richard. His best friend in that matter.
“what?” Daniel stopped eating and dropped his spoon on his plate angrily.
“did I heard you right?” Daniel asked.
“if she say you should forget about that girl
mhen, forget her and move on” Richard told Daniel.

“Hey, now listen to me. You know something Richard, I respect our
relationship verry verry much. But do not trespass about it. do you
understand me?” Daniel asked positing at richard.
“I was” Richard tried to defend but Daniel interrupted him.
“What I’m trying to say is this, I know my mum has being telling you to
talk to me” Daniel shouted.
“well she” Daniel interrupted Richard again.
“what I’m trying to tell you is this, stop that issue right now” Daniel shouted at Richard.
“okay okay” Richard responded lifting his two hands.
“is that why you brought me here?” Daniel asked angrily.
“is Okay”
“Is that why you brought me here”
“is Okay”
“Whatever. I will eat the food anyway” Daniel responded and started devouring his food again. this time around, hurriedly.
Days Later.
It has been days now and Mrs. Emily is still threatening Ella to leave her son alone. Ella sat on a chair in the sitting room shedding tears.
she can’t believe that, Daniel’s mum dislike her just because she’s a poor girl.
Her world was crashing as what Mrs. Emily said days ago kept ringing on her mind.
“I have tried. God knows I have tried. what have I done to his
do I deserve all this?” Ella asked shedding uncontrollable tears
the more.

To Be Continued…

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