Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 6

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 6


“You’ve done nothing wrong my child. wipe your tears” Mr. Denis told Ella in consolation.
“Papa. could it be so wrong to love somebody?” Ella asked with tears.
“No my child. love can never be wrong if it is true. true love can never be wrong. Now wipe your tears” Mr. Denis said to Ella.
“Why does his mum hate me so much? what have I done?” Ella asked crying. Mr. Denis shook his head pitifully.
“My daughter; Love and hate are both side of the coin. Only a thing thread separate them. Just a little thing can change your mother’s inlaw hatred into love.
watch out for it” Mr. Denis explained.
“Papa, you really need to tell me what to do. You really need to tell me what to do. what do I do?” Ella asked sorrowfully while sneezing.
“Ella, they say; if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, you know it’s yours. if it doesn’t, you know it was never meant to be” Mr. Denis said.
Ella felt cold. she didn’t know what to say or do anymore. She was so
confused and devastated. She broke down in tears when she find out that, she can’t really let go.
Mrs. Emily walked out of her mansion with Mr. Okoafor and Cynthia, as one could see them laughing loudly and discussing.
“You know, Daniel is a very busy man” Mrs. Emily said with a smile.
“I can’t wait to see him” Cynthia said with a smile.
“How about we eat dinner together?” Mr. Okoafor asked Mrs Emily.
“Thank you. That will be more wonderful” Mrs. Emily responded.
“Please just fix a time” Mr. Okoafor said.
“I will do just that” Mrs. Emily responded with a smile. just then,
they heard a car horning at the gate. The gateman opened the gate and Daniel drove in with his spider Camry.
“that’s truly the son of his father” Mr. Okoafor said. Mrs. Emily nodded with a smile.

“He arrived at the right time” Cynthia said happily. Daniel walked to them with a face that can’t be describe.
“Good afternoon everyone” He greeted faking a smile.
“Good afternoon” They responded with a smile.
“Hi Daniel” Cynthia greeted stretching her hand to him.
“Hi” Daniel responded shaking her hand.
“we finally met”Cynthia said with a sexy smile.
“abruptly” Daniel replied releasing his hand from hers.
“please forgive me. but you will have to excuse me. I have to meet
someone else in a few minutes” Daniel said checking his time.

Cynthia was just frowning at him when she heard this, likewise Mr. Okoafor.
“I hope you do understand sir” Daniel added.
“well” mr. Okoafor shrugged.
“thank you” He replied walking inside, as Cynthia kept watching at him. He suddenly stopped and turned backward.
“Aww. once again, you’re welcome” Daniel said and vanished inside.

Cynthia was totally disappointed as it was written all over her face. She felt hurt as she tried to complain.
Mr. Okoafor shook his head walking to his Benz car.
“see Cynthia. that’s the problem with him. He work so hard,
I keep telling him but, he doesn’t listen to me. Yes I guess,
when you know yourselves better, you will change him” Mrs. Emily told Cynthia.
“Do you think I can?” She asked shaking her shoulders.
“Yes” Mrs. Emily responded.
“He’s just like his father. So energetic, so full of life.
No food for a lazy man” Mr. Okoafor said with a smile.
“Yes, you’re right” Mrs. Emily smiled. Cynthia was happy when
she heard all this.
“Ok ma. see you next time” Cynthia told Mrs Emily walking to her father’s Benz car she opened the door and went inside.
“Have a nice day” Mr. Okoafor told Mrs. Emily.
“Thanks for coming” She replied and they zoomed off. Mrs. Emily
hurried into the sitting room angrily to see Daniel, relaxing on a cushion and watching a movie.
“What was that rubbish all about Daniel?” Mrs. Emily asked him angrily breathing faster.

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