Must Read: A Journey Of Love – Episode 7 -10

A Journey Of Love
(Mummy Why?)
Episode 7 – 10


Daniel stare at his mum continuously.
“What?” Daniel asked.
“what do you mean what? must you embarrass me? why did you left Cynthia and her father to come and watch movie inside?” Mrs. Emily asked angrily.
“They came here to see you not me” Daniel responded standing up from the cushion.
“How dare you say that to me. what have come over you?” Mrs Emily asked.
“Nothing. Nothing mum. Why don’t you understand that I don’t want to do anything with that so called Cynthia of yours?” Daniel asked.
“Shut up. Do you know what it means to be married to the daughter of your father’s best friend?” Mrs. Emily asked.

“I don’t care what it means mum. Love is not buying and selling like business. Love is feeling. Mine feelings. doesn’t that mean anything to you mum?” Daniel asked back.
“Yes honey, it does mean something to me, and what it means to me is, I must make something out of your life” Mrs Emily shouted.
“You mean your life mum. It has always been you and what you want” Daniel replied walking to the dining. He located an empty sit and sat down.
“Do you know what I want?” Mrs. Emily asked walking to him at the dinning room.
“Listen let me tell you. I wanted your father, my husband to be alive all through this years. I want all the building I have built for to be cemented by a good marriage between you who I have done everything for and a girl from good and decent home like Cynthia. That is all that I want. that is what I called achievement” Mrs. Emily said.
“Spending the rest of my life with Ella, is what I called achievement” Daniel replied.
Mrs. Emily froze.. she went and sat beside Daniel.
“Daniel, you want to ruin yourself? You want to ruin all I have build for by marrying that rat thing that doesn’t even know her parents” Mrs. Emily said. Daniel was shocked to hear that from his mum. she hardly know Ella, how come she now know more about her background.

“How did you know about that?” Daniel asked surprisedly.
“You know me. I got her thoroughly investigated. Her father died when she was barely 18 years old. He died as a result of curse” Mrs. Emily asnwered.
“From?” Daniel asked.
“The village shrine. The man she lives with it’s just her uncle. And you want to compare her with Cynthia? you want to compare her with a girl who has had the very best of life.
A girl of class, a girl with a solid family, degree and rich?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“All those things means nothing to me mum. absolutely nothing” Daniel replied standing up.
“A woman who I will love for who she is, a woman with nobility of character and innocence is the one I deserve” He shouted taking back his sit.
“A woman, I will truly love” Daniel added calmly and Mrs. Emily smiled.

“You know darling, that is why I believe that, Cynthia and you will make a perfect match” Mrs. Emily said with a smile.
“Mum. there can not be a perfect match than Ella” Daniel responded. Mrs. Emily got annoyed and stood up from her sit.
“You listen to me young man. I don’t want to ever, ever, hear that name mentioned in this house again. Get it. You understand me. Nonsense” Mrs. Emily shouted angrily and left for her room.
Ella was seen sitting at the sitting room and crying her life out. it’s been days now and she has been avoiding Daniel. in as much as she tried to forget him, she still end up falling more and more in love with him. The door opened and Ogechi step in.

“You missed lectures today Ella” Ogechi said but no response from Ella. Ogechi went and sat beside her.

“How long will you continue like this? Just look at you. my dear you need to let things go” Ogechi told Ella.
“Ogechi, I have tried. I have really tried. sometimes I wish this wasn’t a problem” Ella responded sadly.
“Probably you’re wishing for the wrong thing” Ogechi said. Ella stare at her confused.
“It’s true” she added nodding her head.
“Ogechi, you cannot understand me” Ella said.

“You don’t understand. You don’t understand Ella. Just look at you. For how long are you going to continue like this? you said you don’t want to see him and yet you’re not at peace with yourself” Ogechi shouted at Ella.
“I have tried to” Ella responded.
“follow your heart. My dear follow your heart. That is what I Ogechi will do if I were you” Ogechi told Ella. Ella felt cold. she doesn’t know what next to utter rather than to reason her broken world.

At Daniel’s office.
Daniel was seen sitting on his office chair, lost and confused.
He doesn’t know what to think of. if he should think of Ella that has been avoiding him or Cynthia who was barking like a dog in his office. meanwhile, Cynthia was on a curve exposing singlet and jeans trousers, bringing out her
normal shape.
She was looking so hot and sexy even at that, to Daniel, she was no match to Ella as she seems invisible to him.

“What the hell is wrong with you Daniel. I see you are trying to avoid me” Cynthia shouted at Daniel.
“Ooh, Thank God we’re finally getting somewhere” Daniel responded with a small hugging his hands to his chest.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Cynthia asked.
“Exactly what it means. I don’t love you, period. my heart belong else where. can’t you read the hand writing on the wall?” Daniel asked.

Cynthia was surprised to hear such comment from Daniel. She adjusted backward feeling heart broken.

“You can’t be serious” Cynthia said.
“I could be more serious my whole entire life. Listen, I’m sorry my mother push you through all this okay, but, this has nothing to do with me and my feelings” Daniel said.

“You’re sorry?”
“Yes I’m sorry”
“You better be sorry. you think I’m those low class ladies you can toy with their emotions? oh God” she broke down in tears.

Daniel stood up feeling for her.

I’m sorry. I don’t know why my mother has to put you through all this, but, it has nothing to do with me” Daniel said.
“Sharap. dont Talk to me. what have I gotten myself into. I’m going to tell your mum” Cynthia shouted.
“Your mum told me that you love me” Cynthia added.
“But she lied” Daniel responded. Cynthia ran out of his office with tears, slapping the door hard to close.

“wai wai wait. oh my God can’t she just understand?” Daniel shouted
and fell back on his sit. He faced down thinking of the incident that took place. The door opened again.
“Look, I said” Daniel’s voice hanged mute when he saw Ella standing at his door.
“Daniel” Ella called.
“Oh Ella sweetheart”
“My love”
“I’m so sorry” Daniel said giving her a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry”
“I’m so sorry too”
“I missed you”
“I missed you too. I’m sorry for avoiding you”
“it’s alright. I love you”
“I love you too” Ella responded. Daniel kissed her lips and hugged her again. the door opened to display Mrs. Emily and Cynthia. she stare at them angrily and left with Cynthia.

Daniel hugged Ella the more unleashing uncountable kisses to her lips.


Episode 9

Mrs. Emily was just coming out from her bedroom when she heard the house telephone ringing. she quickly pick it up.
“Yes, hello. what? when? is he alright? oh my God really? I’m coming there right now. Yes I will be there. Yes, I’m coming” She dropped the call breathing heavily.
At John’s Hospital.

Mrs. Emily was seen sitting beside Daniel who was seen lying on the hospital bed unconsciously, as she kept watching doctor mike examine her son.
“Doctor. Please tell me the truth, How serious is my son? will he survive?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“He will survive alright. There wasn’t much physical damage done to his body. I’m sure when he regains consciousness, he will be alright” Doctor mike said.
“And when will that be?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Madam, I can not tell you. Your son- from what we gathered, was luckier than the other victims” doctor mike told her.
“Other victims?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Yes” Doctor mike answered.
“What other victims?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Your son and two ladies were in the car when the incident occurred” doctor mike confirmed to her.
“Two ladies?” Mrs. Emily asked surprisedly.
“Yes. One of them died instantly. The other one has a hip dislocation. I just hope, she will use her legs again” Doctor mike responded.

Mrs. Emily thought for a while.
“Have they been identified?” Mrs. Emily asked.
“Constantly, the one that survive was conscious. She was the one that identify your son” Doctor mike answered. Mrs. Emily stood up angrily.
“Doctor. I want you to arrange for my son to be move out from this hospital immediately” Mrs. Emily said. doctor mike glance at Daniel again.
“That won’t be much a problem. I will just have a word with the medical director. I’m just a surgery consultant” Doctor mike replied.
“Very good” Mrs. Emily replied walking to the door.
“Madam” Doctor Mike called making her to stop and stare backward.
“What about the other lady?” doctor mike asked harmlessly.
Mrs Emily gave him a deadly and scaring look.
“How does that concerns me?” Mrs. Emily shouted angrily at doctor mike and stun out. It came as a surprise to doctor mike.

He Was just dumbstruck, staring at the exit door.
Ella was lying on her hospital bed, crying and whispering in pains. Her legs was badly Injured as one could see injuries all over her body with a swollen face. Mrs. Emily open the door to Ella’s ward and walked in with a straight look.
“Good day ma. How’s Daniel? is he alright?” Ella asked sorrowfully.
Mrs Emily gave her an annoying look without a speech. While adjusting closer to her.
“Please talk to me. is he alright?” Ella asked again.
“From what I have gathered. You should think much of yourself and leave my son alone. The doctor tell me, you will not be able to walk again” Mrs. Emily broke the news to Ella.
“No oo oh ” Ella broke in uncontrollable tears.
“Yes” Mrs. Emily replied.
“It’s a lie. I will walk again” Ella replied, giving herself some confidence even when all hope was gone.
“You won’t my dear. Just imagine, not being able to walk again for the rest of your life” Mrs. Emily exercise further.
Ella cried and suddenly stopped.
“I will walk again” she responded. Mrs. Emily stare at her angrily. She pressed and dragged her broken leg making Ella to shout and wallow in pains.
“I have considered you. I can still help you and take you to the best hospital in this world and to the best doctors. All the comfort that you need, I will provide. Just leave my son alone. you hear me? don’t play dumbs with me.
You can’t walk again. You’re disabled” Mrs. Emily make mockery of her.
“I am not disable” Ella shouted back.
“You’re disable” Mrs. Emily answered with a straight face.
“Why are you doing this to me? why?” Ella asked.
“I want you to leave my son alone” Mrs. Emily responded landing her a hot slap.
“You. Leave me alone. Go” Ella held her cheek and broke in tears.
“Agree to my tones and your life will change. come on foolish girl” Mrs. Emily shouted at Ella.
“Leave me alone”
“You will only end up destroying yourself” She attempt to strangle her to death.
“Doctor. Doctor, doctor” Ella started shouting at the top of her voice. Mrs. Emily heard some footsteps approaching and she escaped.


Episode 10

Nurse Anita rushed in to see Ella shouting and breathing
“What is the matter?” Nurse Anita asked calming her down.
“Nurse. Daniel. I want to see him please” Ella said crying.
“He’s alright you will see him when you fully recover” Nurse Anita
“No oh. I want to see him now” Ella shouted.
“Just calm down ma, pls” Nurse Anita replied. Ella broke down in tears when nurse Anita refused to approve her request.
It’s a new day. Most people were seen in their various houses watching a movie due to the constant power supply in that area.
Ramo and Shekina was seen standing at Mrs. Emily’s compound, waiting anxiously for her while adjusting their shirts in every slight minutes. Mrs. Emily walked out of her house walking to Ramo and Shekina with a frown face.
“Yes. what is it?” Mrs. Emily asked them.
“We come collect our balance” Ramo responded.
“Balance?” Mrs. Emily asked and they nodded their heads.
“What balance? are you people alright at all?” Mrs. Emily
asked angrily.
“But madam. we have done the job” Shekina responded with a high tone.
“What job did you do? tell me, what job did you do? you have the guts, the girl supposed to be the target, not my son you idiots” Mrs. Emily shouted as one could see the shock on Ramo and Shekina’s face.

“Your son?” Ramo exclaimed.
“Sorry ma. we no know say na your pikin” Shekina apologized.
“Definitely you don’t know. you will know, if anything happens to my son. Now, get out of my house. I have no business with you” Mrs. Emily shouted at them.
“But ma”
“Don’t you dare ma at me. leave my house now. tell your boss that I said, the job is not yet completed. now keep moving” Mrs. Emily shouted.
“Shekina. let’s go” Ramo told him and they started walking away.

“Nonsense” Mrs. Emily echoed walking inside.
Doctor Mike opened the door to Ella’s hospital room and walked inside with Ella’s uncle. Mr. Denis.
“Here she is sir” Doctor mike told Denis pointing at Ella who was lying on the hospital bed weakly.
“Ella, your father” Doctor mike said to ella pointing at Mr. Denis.
“Ella. thank God you are alive”
“like I told you sir. she sustain a serious injury, so you’re to pay the sum of 280,000 thousand naira so that we can carry out the treatments fully” Doctor mike told Mr. Denis.
“Where will I get that kind of money from? doctor, 280,000?” Mr. Denis said crying.
“It’s okay sir. I understand” doctor mike said calming Mr. Denis down.
“280,000?” Mr. Denis cried and collapse on the ground.

He used to suffer from HBP. He gave up the ghost instantly.

“No ooh” Ella cried and fainted on her hospital bed.
At Best Hospital.
Daniel has been transferred to Best hospital already. meanwhile, he was turning and turning on his hospital bed as Mrs. Emily kept adjusting him properly so that he won’t fall. The door opened and doctor best walked in.
“He has regain consciousness already?” Doctor best asked Mrs Emily.
“Yes” Mrs Emily responded.
“That’s good” doctor best echoed checking his temperature.
“where is Ella?” Daniel asked with his eyes a bit opened.
“don’t worry, he will be alright” Doctor Best told Mrs. Emily.
“Ella, Ella, I want Ella. where is Ella? ellaaaaaaaa” Daniel screamed.
“Calm down. don’t get yourself worked up okay” doctor Best said to Daniel but it all felled on deaf ears.
“Ellaaaaaaaa” Daniel screamed again.
“Doctor. pls his losing his senses oh. He has been shouting Ella Ella since he regain consciousness. won’t you do something?” Mrs. Emily asked sadly.
“I think I have to inject him now” Doctor best responded.
“pls do”
“elllaaaaaaaaa” Daniel kept shouting continuously.
this is me oh” Mrs. Emily said to Daniel.
“I don’t want you.
I want Ella. Ellaaaaaaa” Daniel kept screaming until the doctor injected him making him to sleep off.

To Be Continued…

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