Oyedokun Victor – Prince Ooyes

My name is Oyedokun Victor, fondly called Prince Ooyes. I am a young, passionate Nigerian netprenure with so much passion for making things happen with the use of Technology. No doubt, I am one of the top Nigerian bloggers.

I wanted to be a psychiatric doctor, treating mad people and restoring sanity to the community, but my love for computers and the web as a subject got me here. I do anything relating to digital media. I’m a freelancer and a computer addict at that.

I like secular music, my mum keeps telling me I’ll go to hell for that but I hope God understands. I am always indoors, hardly boring cos I’m always busy. I really don\’t like wearing shoes. I like learning something new. And I like ladies but sadly, they don’t like me. 😆

I hate laziness. I hate phone calls (I blacklist disturbing phone numbers). And lastly, talking too much is not my fancy.
I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. But I am only always very, very curious. I can resist anything except temptation. I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling digital walls and crushing technology ice. I have been known to remodel digital stations on my lunch breaks (whenever I luckily have one), making them more efficient in the area of human retention.

I translate digital tasks to cool cash for online refugees. I write incredible internet articles, the devil once called me to write the speech he would use on judgment day, but I declined.
Occasionally, I refuse to eat for three days in a row, not for any meaningful reason, but just to show myself that I can be very weird.

I didn’t learn website design at any designated tutorial center. All I used to do was Google up “what is and how to’s” on my old HP laptop back then and over time, it became part of me.
I have designed a lot of websites this same way, and I have made some reasonable amount of cash doing so, no bragging (though it is meant to be).

That’s all about me, with the little info, what do you think of me?
Am I cool? Or do you think I’m just one random idiot?

Anyhow! I don’t care what you think about me. 😆 But, please, think nice of me, because am a gentle and calm guy. 😉

NB: I play a lot, at times, my words might sound abusive, it’s all puns, never take me too seriously. 😆

Services I Offer:

I render loads of services, SOME of which are highlighted below:

~ Website design
~ Graphic design
~ Video editing
~ Mobile App creation
~ Content creation
~ Blog design
~ Facebook Advertising
~ Blog/Website redesign
~ SEO Optimization

Find Me And Connect With Me

Contact Details
WhatsApp number: +2348144216361
Facebook: fb.com/realprinceooyes
Mail: Princeooyes@gmail.com

Please, DO NOT call me at odd hours and If I don’t pick up your call, please DROP A TEXT MESSAGE. I am a human being, so you should expect me to miss some calls.

Please be advised that you will be best served by email because some discussions are served best by mail.